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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress in Sarasota, Florida

Having the right mattress is incredibly important. If you aren't comfortable when you go to sleep, you aren't going to wake up feeling well-rested. It can also have a great effect on your health and well-being beyond the obvious. 

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If you're having trouble sleeping, you should explore the practical benefits of a new gel memory foam mattress. This specific kind of mattress is equipped to counteract the negative effects that a climate like that of Sarasota, Florida can have on your health.


1. Pressure Relief for Bad Backs

Like most memory foam mattresses, cooling gel is designed to cradle the body and offer precise pressure point relief. When you sit or lay on the mattress, the gel compresses and forms a smooth, soft surface. This creates a balanced system that provides customized support. You won't sink all the way into the mattress, but you will feel relief around your shoulders, hips, and back. 

The spine is incredibly sensitive to even slight disturbance, so every little bit helps.


2. Better Air Flow for Cool, Comfortable Sleep

Gel memory foam mattresses are infused with small gel beads during the manufacturing process. These beads significantly reduce the surrounding heat, which creates a cool-to-the-touch surface. 

According to scientific studies, it actually does make a difference in the way you sleep, too.

There are quite a few reasons experts recommend being cooler while you sleep. Research shows that it can help fight off insomnia as the body's temperature needs to decrease before sleep can begin. 

In fact, the cold helps long before you close your eyes by aiding in melatonin production to help you become tired. In a place like Sarasota, Florida, where the temperature is often well above the recommended 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, your body will need to spend time and energy trying to stay cool which decreases sleep depth and quality along with increasing the chances of waking up.

In truth, when you consider the benefits of getting the right amount of good quality sleep, there are even more advantages than you may be aware of. For example, the melatonin that helps you get a good night's sleep also has anti-aging benefits. Cooler sleep also helps your metabolism and keeps you fit. Never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep.


3. Personalized Comfort

Memory foam is known for its ability to cradle the body and instantly bounce back into shape. This allows everyone to use the mattress and get the same experience. 

Gel is as resistant as traditional memory foam, so you don't have to worry about permanent bumps or dips forming in the mattress. Instead, you get a reliable cushioned surface.


4. Stay Asleep with Motion Resistance

Memory foam is very shock absorbent and resistant to motion. The thick padding allows people to stay in position on one side of the bed if their partner moves around during the night. With gel memory foam, your partner could be jumping on the bed and you would barely move, if at all. Not only is that good for your sleep, but for your relationships as well.


5. High Durability Makes Gel Memory Foam a Practical Investment

When it comes to buying a new mattress, many people use the initial cost as a deciding factor. While gel memory foam mattresses have a slightly higher cost, their added durability allows them to last longer. 

The thick gel beads help the mattress keep the same shape with very little maintenance. Buying a quality mattress is all about long-term investment rather than a short-term payoff, so it's probably best to spend a little extra upfront for added longevity and benefits to your life and health.


There are many reasons to choose a gel memory foam mattress. And a lot of people are surprised by the difference the mattress can make in getting a restful night's sleep, not to mention all the added benefits you get long after you awake! To learn more about the benefits, contact us today.


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