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Why Your Mattress Gets Heavier

Flipping your mattress over every six months helps prevent it from getting worn in places where you sleep and prolongs the number of years worth of use you'll get out of the it. If you've had it for a few years, it's probably come to your attention that it seems that your mattress gets heavier each time you flip it. This isn't your imagination. Your mattress is gaining weight!

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Most mattresses have been constructed out of cotton. In theory this is a good thing. Cotton is fairly economical and very hard wearing, which is why most of our clothing is made out of it. The problem with organic fibers like cotton is that they attract mites and skin cells. With clothing, this isn’t a big deal since they are regularly washed.

Your mattress is obviously too large to go in the washing machine, which means that as time passes, the mattress will attract mites, dust, and skin cells and there's not a certain way to get rid of any of these things. That extra weight you feel when you flip your mattress every six months is actually the accumulated weight of all of the mites and dust that has worked their way into your mattress over the years.

The problem with all this stuff is that it doesn't just weigh your mattress down, it can also lead to some mattress health problems. Each time your body shifts on the mattress, you release a small cloud of the debris that are caught in your mattress's fibers, which you then breathe in. Constant exposure to all this mattress pollution can create respiratory problems including asthma, allergies, and sinus problems.

The best way to make sure you continue to have a clean space to sleep at night that doesn't give you mattress health related nightmares is to replace your old mattress as soon as you notice your current one gaining weight. Memory foam mattresses aren't made with organic materials that attract the mites, which means they stay cleaner than traditional mattresses.

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