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Why Are Some Mattresses More Expensive Than Others?

When shopping for a new mattress, you quickly learn that they vary greatly in price. Certainly there must be a reason for this difference in cost. In fact, there are many things that explain why one model might cost considerably more than another. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right mattress for your best night's sleep.

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Overall Quality
When you buy a mattress, you expect it to last a long time. Mattresses are rarely replaced more than once a decade and most people wait much longer than that. This means that attention to detail is important to ensure the mattress can hold up to years of use. Examine the stitching. If you find a single stitch that isn't consistent, you can probably assume that the overall stitching is substandard. The stitches should also be close together, and the stitching material should be heavy duty.

The coils are the heart of the machine. This is a trickier area to evaluate since you can't actually see the coils. Generally speaking, more coils mean a higher quality mattress. They provide a mattress with less movement, which is especially important for light sleepers.

The second coil consideration is their material and thickness. A thicker coil made from a less flexible material means a firmer surface. This is usually found in more expensive models, but may not be a feature some people want.

Surface Padding
Although the coils are the primary factor when it comes to firmness and softness, the surface padding also plays a role. Less expensive models often use polyurethane foam or polyester padding, while more expensive models use cotton batting. Once again, more expensive materials do not necessarily mean its the right bed for you. Some people prefer the softer feel of the foam as opposed to the cotton.

Insulation Padding
This is a layer padding that lies directly above the coil springs. Its job is to ensure that the coils themselves are not felt. More expensive models have padding that is thicker and made of a more durable material. Though you won't be able to see this feature, it's a consideration that you should explore, as it's a factor in longevity.

Each person has his or her personal preferences when it comes to the feel of a bed. More expensive mattresses will usually last longer, but do not always translate into a better night's sleep. Visit a Land of Sleep showroom today to find your perfect mattress.

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