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Pros and Cons of Exercising Before Bed

It can be difficult to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Morning workouts might be a great way to start the day, but that often means you have to give something up…namely sleep! Mornings can just be too hectic between getting ready for work and perhaps getting your family ready to start their days.

For some people, going to the gym or a run in the evening is an easier way to fit exercise into your routine. As with most things, there are some pros and cons to consider if you adopt this particular exercise schedule.

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Pros to Consider

  • Keeping your mornings calmer. Not everyone wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed, and having to wake up early to exercise might not be your thing. Sometimes it’s too tempting to hit the snooze button, roll over and snuggle back under the covers in your comfy bed. The stress of making sure you get through your workout and still have enough time to get ready for work and be on time can be a hassle.
  • Blowing off the stress of the day. A good workout at night can help you blow off the stress and frustration you may have had to deal with during the day at work. Because of this, an ideal time to squeeze in your exercise would be right after work before coming home. Exercising then can also give you a little extra energy that can help you make it until bedtime.

Cons That May Work Against You

  • Distractions that disrupt your plans to exercise. If you exercise at night, it’s easy to skip it to go out with friends, or to tend to family responsibilities. You may also arrive at the gym and find that it is just too crowded and noisy for you.
  • Disrupting your sleep. Exercising within two to three hours before you go to bed can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. This generally depends on the intensity of your workout. If this becomes an issue for you, you may want to leave the high intensity workouts for weekends and stick to stretches or yoga that can relax you before bed.

There is no exact rule as to what time of day is best to exercise. What matters is that you do exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and work that time in how it fits best with your individual schedule without sacrificing your restful sleep.

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