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Must See Arts and Culture in the Sarasota Area

If you are looking for shows, concerts, or simply want to take in the arts and culture in the Sarasota area these venues offer some of the finest available:

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FST – Also known as the Florida Studio Theater, is a contemporary theater group in
downtown Sarasota. There are four intimate sized theaters offering you a great selection of plays and musicals. They also offer an improve night every Saturday.

The Dali Museum – The main attraction at the Salvador Dali museum is their art collection with over 2,000 pieces. It started with the personal collection of Reynolds & Eleanor Morse and then expanded as more works were purchased and donated to the museum. The museum also offers family arts and crafts programs to introduce kids to the arts. Every Sunday you can attend their multi-level yoga class.

Sarasota Ballet – The company’s large repertoire brings together both classic and modern dance. Attend a show or take a class and learn all about ballet.

The Players Centre for Performing Arts – If you want to go to a play or attend an acting class this is the place to do it. The classes and summer camps are for all ages and offer a wide variety of theater techniques. You can take a class in dance, voice, acting, and even technical stage craft.

McCurdy’s Comedy Theater and Humor Institute – The perfect place to go if you like to laugh or if you love to make others laugh. This comedy theater offers stand up, skits, and improve for those attending. You can also sign up for a class and fine tune your comedic skills.

The Jazz Club of Sarasota – This jazz club has been hosting concerts since 1980 and plays big band jazz. They also play at the Orioles stadium and offer a ‘Jazz on the Water’ cruise in the Sarasota Bay.

The Ringling Museum of Art – The Ringling includes various permanent exhibits and hosts a variety of traveling exhibits as well. It includes a Center for Asian Art with galleries and a lecture hall. They are unique because they offer public access to larger collections being stored by the center. You can view collections of modern and contemporary art with two large galleries dedicated to the Art of Our Time initiative.

Sarasota offers a large variety of cultural and artistic opportunities for everyone. Be sure to check out all of the great exhibits and shows in the area.Guide to a Better Nights Sleep

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