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Sarasota Moving Tips: Top 10 Restaurants in the Area

It can take some time after moving into a new area to figure out where to find the best restaurants. If you are moving to the area, we would like to make the following recommendations of the top 10 restaurants in the Sarasota area ranging from fine dining to seafood to pizza.

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1. Antoine’s

Antoine’s offers fine dining with an Italian/French/New American influence. This restaurant is best known for their mussels’ dishes, including creamy garlic mussels, or a marinère variety.

2. Yummy House

Offering delicious Chinese food, Yummy House is a favorite among Sarasota locals, so much that you may have a little wait, but it’s worth it. Notable offerings are dim sum and Hong Kong-style roasted duck.

3. Solorzanos Late Night Pizzeria

Who says you can’t get good pizza in Florida? Solorzanos dispels that myth with their thin-crust Hoboken, New Jersey-style pizza. Want a pizza in the middle of the night? Solorzanos delivers pizza until 4am.

4. Indigenous Restaurant

Indigenous Restaurant serves a farm-to-table menu, using only the freshest and best sustainable ingredients. Their notable dish is the Plentiful and Abundant dish which changes weekly to feature the fresh catch of the day.

5. Duval’s

Sourcing all their ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, Duval’s is a top restaurant for seafood in Sarasota. Their signature meals are New England fish & chips and decadent lobster mac ‘n’ cheese.

6. Yoder’s Restaurant and Amish Village

You can find Amish comfort food at Yoder’s, made from scratch, Yoder’s has home cooking for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy generous portions for meals such as traditional egg plates, fried chicken, and of course, their famous Amish fruit pies.

7. Blue Dolphin Café

For breakfast and lunch, the Blue Dolphin Café is the place to go. Their menu includes items such as banana granola pancakes, omelets, burgers and salads. Daily specials include offerings like crab eggs benedict.

8. Selva Grill

Latin American and U.S. American flavors meet, with a touch of Peruvian flare at Selva Grill. Open every night for dinner, you can also enjoy specialty cocktails and music. Selva is known for their delicious ceviches!

9. Mozzarella Fella

Mozzarella Fella serves up old-fashioned New York-style Italian cuisine. You will find hot sandwiches with mozzarella, of course and heartier meals, including baked ziti and meat lasagna.

10. Sofrito Mama’s

Looking for Latin American comfort food? Sofrito Mama’s offers mouthwatering foods with a Puerto Rican influence. Enjoy regular menu items such as empanadas, fried plantains and caramel egg custard.

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