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Mattresses That Help You Stay Cool Through the Night

Are you overheated at night? It might be due to the materials in your mattress. For a mattress to remain cool the important factor is the breathability of materials. A traditional coil mattress allows air to move freely around the coils. A memory foam mattress does not have as much breathability because air cannot move around in the mattress as well. 

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Another factor that can make memory foam warmer than traditional steel coils, is the absorption of heat. Memory foam conducts heat from your body and holds on to it. The thin steel coils on a traditional mattress will not absorb as much heat, and therefore the mattress will remain cool throughout the night.

Mattress manufacturers are sympathetic to those of us who require a cooler mattress. In response to the growing need for cooler mattresses, they have developed other mattress materials that will remain cool: gel, and the newer, advanced memory foam mattress. Gel is the latest invention to help cool your mattress, by holding the heat into the gel itself.

Gel does have a slight advantage over advanced foam, because it takes longer to heat up, than other materials. Often manufacturers will use gel infused materials to regulate temperature in the mattress. The latest innovations in memory foam allows increased airflow which helps regulate the temperature of the mattress.

Hybrid designs with coil springs and memory will give you the best of both worlds: Advanced memory foam and the non-heat conductive steel coils. Manufacturers have also developed new materials that keep the cover cool so that less heat enters foam, and springs.

Everyone is different, so are our sleep needs. That is why we offer a wide selection of only the best mattress brands. Contact us today. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will help you find a mattress that gives you the right combination of support and cooling. Our goal is for you to get the best night's sleep that you have ever had, every single night!

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