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Knickerbocker Bed Frame: Support, Stability and Movement Prevention

Having a high-quality mattress or adjustable bed is the first step toward a good night's sleep, but every mattress requires the right support system to provide optimum comfort. With Knickerbocker bed frames supporting your mattress, you always have the right support and stability with movement prevention that keeps your bed where it belongs.

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Innovative design

Along with their traditional style bed frames, Knickerbocker now offers their emBrace frames that combine strength and beauty in a sturdy design. The emBrace features a polymer resin encased steel core that can support up to 2000 pounds due to its latticework design fabricated out of rail track steel. The t-shaped side rails of the frame eliminate flexing that can occur with traditional l-shaped side rails.

Style and elegance

The contoured side rails and tapered legs of the emBrace bed frame give it an elegant and sophisticate appearance that you won't want to cover with a bed skirt. Available in white, black, gray or brown, this frame compliments existing bedroom design or can create a fresh look. Without the need for a bed skirt, it's easier to clean beneath the bed and provides improved airflow.

Quiet comfort

While traditional bed frames can move and make rattling or squeaking sounds, the emBrace helps eliminate those issues. The polymer resin encasing absorbs the contact pressure between frame and bed and works as a sound muffler. The quiet, stable base extends toward the foot of the mattress to provide support edge of the bed support and reduce wear on the mattress.

Safety and function

With the emBrace bed frame by Knickerbocker, you can save room in your bedroom by eliminating the footboard and even your headboard. You can use the frame with an existing headboard or use it as freestanding support. The polymer resin encasement of the steel rail frame virtually eliminates any sharp edges to keep your body and your bedding safe. The gliding surface on the bottom of the frame legs makes it easy to move when needed while providing optimum stability on carpet and hard flooring.

Breathe easier

As already mentioned, the stylish appearance of the emBrace frame eliminates the need for a decorative bed skirt. This adds another measure of functionality: allergy control. Any dust, pollen, or other allergens that may have attached themselves to a bed skirt overtime, will not be a problem with an emBrace frame.

Land of Sleep offers various styles of Knickerbocker bed frames, including the emBrace to provide ideal support and stability for your mattress. Visit our Sarasota or Venice location to learn more.


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