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Is Drinking Caffeine or Napping More Effective?

When comparing the advantages of a napping over drinking a cup of coffee, hands down sleep is always a better alternative. The caffeine in coffee is an artificial stimulant and over consumption can increase blood pressure and causes some people to feel jittery.

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There is simply nothing better than taking a quick power nap, even one that is only for twenty minutes.

Napping: A Refreshing Alternative
Rather than indulge in a coffee drink, think about going into your bedroom with the shades down and lying down. This allows your entire body to take a much needed break. Studies show that napping in the afternoon, when the body naturally sends signals that it needs a rest, refreshes you and helps the creative juices to flow afterward. It can even give your intelligence a boost.

The Benefits of Napping
• The effects of a good nap last longer than caffeine
• You can catch up on the rest you didn’t get the night before
• Napping promotes brain activity and creativity
• A 30 minute nap at least three times a week is good for the heart

A short twenty minute nap will allow you to go into just two sleep cycles, and this means you won’t wake up groggy. If you have time, a forty-five minute nap will help your sensory perception. A ninety minute nap allows you to move through all three of the R.E.M. sleep cycles.

Take Naps Lying Down
The optimum way to take a nap is lying down because it helps you fall asleep faster than if you are sitting up. If you need to stop those to-do lists from floating through your head, try counting from 1000 backwards. It’s much better than counting sheep.

The next time you think about taking a coffee break, make it nap time instead and experience the difference. For the best sleep, you need a great mattress.  Visit Land of Sleep to see how much better your sleep can be with the right mattress.

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