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How New and Improved Adjustable Beds Help With Healthy Sleep

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Jun 20, 2018 2:50:10 PM

Adjustable Bed

Just as our homes, cars, phones, and appliances are becoming smarter, the same can be said for adjustable beds. New features becoming available include under-bed night lights, voice command controls, and app-controlled remotes. Physicians are recognizing a myriad of health issues that can be assisted by sleeping on an adjustable bed, particularly where partners have different sleep needs.

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Sleep apnea, a disorder that causes people to stop breathing during sleep, is a serious health issue affecting some 18 million Americans. One small change is known to assist without the need for to wear a medical device, that is raising the head higher either by adding pillows, sleeping on a wedge, or investing in an adjustable bed.

Reviews show happy consumers who are enjoying the relief from the discomfort of GERD and acid reflux by using an adjustable bed. The slight inclination of the head keeps acid in the abdomen, and away from the throat. Anyone who has been rudely awakened with the fear you are about to throw up know how horrible that disruption is.

Arthritis sufferers can adjust the bed to ease pain of stress points, depending on where the pain is affecting their bodies. There's also the extra benefit of being able to adjust the bed for ease getting in and out, particularly in the mornings when the joints can be stiff. Optional features of heat and massage are available in some mattresses made for adjustable beds now, which could also be helpful.

Features to Consider

Because each individual has unique needs and there are so many new features to choose from, here are a few to consider when picking which is right for you.

Tilt - all adjustable beds will have head and foot tilts, only a few offer pillow tilts. A pillow tilt is especially beneficial for people who watch television or read in bed.

Wall-Hugger - This design pulls the mattress back toward the headboard as the head tilt is raised, keeping you within easy reach of your night stand.

Customizable Memory Positions - Allows you to set personalized memory controls rather than having to find the manufacturer's position closest to your comfort needs.

High Quality Massage Motors - Give a therapeutic massage for back and legs, unlike the tickle or (worse) annoying vibration of a low quality motor.

Lumbar Support - Approximately one-third down from the head of the mattress a section can be adjusted by degrees to provide additional lumbar support where you need it most.

Elevation Control - This can be particularly helpful if you are a side or stomach sleeper. Elevation control gives you the option of keeping the mattress flat and tilting at an angle. In this position, gravity will provide a slight traction effect, easing lower back tension. This is in addition to having tilt features.

As you can see, adjustable beds are no longer only for hospitals and other care facilities. With a market continually growing and features continually being added, more people will be able to find the exact mattress/base combination right for them.

Who might benefit most from an adjustable bed? Let's review a bit. We've seen how this purchase could help anyone suffering from arthritis, sleep apnea, GERD or acid reflux. Others who could benefit would be pregnant women and snorers; stomach sleepers, those who need additional lumbar support; people who enjoy watching television or reading in bed.

Truly this is the bed of the future that you can have today. Stop by either of our Florida locations in Sarasota or Venice; let us help you find the bed to fit your needs.

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