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Guide to White Noise: How It Can Improve Your Sleep

With so many technological overstimulation and day to day distractions, the need for sleep is greater now more than ever. White noise is an excellent way to sink into a deep and peaceful night's sleep. It helps both the body and brain relax in many ways, which sends you deep into dreamland.

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Keeps Your Bedroom Quiet

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons for having white noise, is that it blocks out other outside noises, keeping your bedroom quieter. White noise literally shuts out the world and buffers noises, leaving you with a perfect night's sleep regardless of what your surroundings are.

Shuts Your Brain Down

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? White noise can help you go to sleep faster. Your constant thoughts or ongoing to-do lists that linger on your mind, will take a back seat as the white noise drifts through the air. It's unlikely you'll wake up, however if you do, it's way easier to fall back asleep. There's a reason people use it for meditating, it's very relaxing!


You can bring white noise anywhere. Whether you're in your own home, on an airplane, or staying in a hotel, there's plenty of apps and machines you can bring along with you. You can always have control over the noise factor of where you are. Slamming doors or noisy neighbors? It won't be a problem for you.

White Noise Versus Music

Is music similar to white noise? The answer is no. They both have been studied and it has been shown that music doesn't contain the range of frequencies white noise does to mask sounds, making it less effective. Music can actually counteract sleep since it can stimulate emotional responses and other memories. Music should be used for relaxation rather than blocking out noise.

White noise can greatly improve the quality of your sleeping habits. Try it out for yourself today.

Guide to a Better Nights Sleep

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