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Best Sleeping Positions for Restful Sleep

Land of Sleep is a company that has always prided itself on providing customers with the best sleep accessories money can buy. But even the best selections of luxury mattresses, adjustable beds and bed frames available at the store, located in Downtown Sarasota, will not help you sleep any better if you adopt the wrong sleeping position.

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A Sleeping Position Right for you:

Side Sleeping

This type of sleeping position, which involves sleeping while on your side, is often recommended by experts as the most beneficial. You should try to lie on your side with your back slightly curved, while keeping your knees tucked by placing a pillow between them.

Back Sleeping

This type of sleeping habit can often end up damaging your spine in addition to often leading to snoring, since it puts undue pressure on your back and also can strain your muscles, as well as joints and nerves. You can relieve pressure on your nerves by placing a pillow beneath your knees in order to ease the strain the position puts on your sciatic nerve.

In addition, consider buying a neck support pillow, which will help your sleeping frame maintain a natural curve. This type of sleeping position is also recommended for infants, since it helps avoid SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and for those who suffer from acid reflux.

Stomach Sleeping

This method of sleeping is not recommended for anyone, since it puts pressure on your lower back, and can lead to neck pain. It also results in frequent tossing and turning as the sleeper tries to get into a comfortable position, which in turn leads to a fitful sleeping pattern.

Finding the Perfect Pillow:

For Neck Pain

To reduce neck pain, a cervical support pillow can be employed which is made of a non rebounding material and are considered very comfortable.

It is also seen to be the favorite choice for those who sleep on their backs.

For Sleeping On your Side

The pillow should provide ample support and keep your spine aligned in its natural, curved position. A dual lobe in the pillow can also be useful for allowing height options. The material out of which the pillow is constructed should be firm enough to support the weight of your head and neck without sagging. Memory foam pillows remember the contours of your profile and provide a perfect resting place for your head and neck.

Ultimately, the best sleeping position can vary between individuals, and you need to test your own body preferences to determine which sleeping position allows for the most restful sleep for your body.

Guide to a Better Nights Sleep

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