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Are Gel Mattresses Here To Stay?

Gel mattresses took the world by storm in 2011, when Serta worked to combat the common complaint that memory foam mattresses became too hot throughout the night. Their idea was to create a mattress that had a cooling element that would successfully offer a cooler and more comfortable sleep. Gel quickly became popular in the bedding industry.

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Different Types Available 

As gel became more and more popular, every brand made strides in incorporating gel in their own unique way. Some pour the gel into the memory foam so that it sets, some have the foam absorb beads of gel, and some include a gel layer that rests either on top or beneath the mattresses padding layers. The most popular choice has proven to be the gel memory foam mattress. However, rumor has it that customers are leaning towards latex and innerspring styles that have also adopted gel as a cooling comfort element.

So, What Makes Gel So Great and Is It Here To Stay?

The concern that was brought up most commonly, was that mattresses were getting too warm during the night. The fundamental value of gel is that it allows the sleeper to have a peaceful night of cool sleep, where they are not feeling overheated. Gel absorbs any heat and transfers it directly away from the sleeper, removing discomfort. The problem? Gel is at its most comfortable when a sleeper first lies down. But as the temperature of the room and the sleeper's body increases, so does the gel. Before long, the cooling purpose of the gel has a limited effect. Some have also called into question the staying power of the mattress and its ability to keep its form over the years. However, since gel has not been around for very long, there are still mixed opinions about the longevity of the mattresses.

If you want to enjoy a cool night of sleep in Florida’s year round heat, consider buying a gel memory foam mattress for yourself!

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