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10 Tips to Help Expecting Mothers to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep can be difficult during pregnancy. When it comes to expecting mothers and sleep, there are many causes of insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Here are some tips for improving your sleep quality over the course of your pregnancy:

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Get a Comfortable Mattress
Mattress quality is arguably the most important factor when dealing with expecting mothers and sleep issues accompanying pregnancy. Consider factors like back support and general comfort.

Adopt the Right Sleep Position
You can increase the flow of nutrients to your baby by sleeping on your left side. Use strategically placed pillows to keep from rolling over and to make you more comfortable.

No Late-Night Eating
Do not eat or drink within two hours of your bedtime. There is a high likelihood that eating late at night will cause reflux or heartburn. Both are common problems with regard to expecting mothers and sleep issues.

Exercise Early in the Day
Exercise regularly for overall health and improved circulation, but avoid exercising late in the day as adrenaline released by exercising can keep you up at night.

Avoid Spicy Food
Spicy and acidic foods can cause heartburn, which can affect your sleep.

Use a Body Pillow
You can find U-shaped body pillows or others that are shaped like wedges or like beans. The benefit of the different shapes is that you can use the pillow to cushion whichever body part is undergoing the most discomfort.

Do Something Relaxing
If you find yourself unable to fall asleep, instead of tossing and turning, you should do something. Try taking a warm shower or reading to encourage a relaxed state.

Avoid Too Much Daytime Napping
Napping can help you to overcome the fatigue that comes with nighttime sleep issues, but is only beneficial in moderation.

Make Your Bedroom Cooler
Your body heat increases during pregnancy, which may exacerbate your sleep issues. Lower the temperature in your bedroom to a temperature that makes you feel comfortable.

Keep Your Bedroom Dark
Electronics with lights should covered or placed face down so that they do not light up the room and disturb your sleep.

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