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How to Help Your Baby to Fall Asleep so That You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Little ones can bring  happiness and joy, but they're not always known for being the most peaceful when the sun goes down.

If you've found yourself in a sleepless cycle that's induced by the restlessness of your baby at night, here are some ways you can help your baby fall asleep more peacefully:

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Set a Schedule
As a parent, fewer things may prove more important in the early years of your baby's life than setting a strict schedule and keeping to it. A regular routine will help your household run more smoothly throughout the day, not just in the nighttime hours. Your baby's body and mind will begin to adjust, making mealtime, bedtime, and nap time an expected and smooth part of your daily routine .

Avoid Creating a Stimulating Environment
It's important to keep the atmosphere around baby soothing and calm before bedtime. Excitement and lots of energy can stimulate the baby, which, in turn, will often delay the arrival of the Sand Man. If you must check on your baby during the night, be sure to keep the lights as low as possible. This will help continue the feel of nighttime and help to set your baby's circadian rhythm to more natural sleeping hours.

Consider Allowing Your Baby to Cry It Out
There are certainly many different schools of thoughts when it comes to leaving babies alone until they cry themselves to sleep, but there does tend to be much research to support the idea that a few minutes alone will end in a peaceful slumber for parent and baby alike. According to an article on Teach Your Baby to Sleep (In Just 7 Days), most babies under the age of five months will usually cry themselves to sleep in fifteen to twenty minutes, if not less.

Once your baby establishes a pattern of independence, the intervals in which you're experiencing crying and chaos should become less frequent and shorter per occasion.

Go to Sleep!
Now that you have done everything you can to help your baby fall asleep, you might be surprised at how used to the restlessness you've become. It's time for you to calm your mind, and find peace in your pillow.

Do you have tips and tricks you use to help your baby fall asleep? Please share your secrets with us @landofsleep!


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