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Why You Should Support a Local Family-Owned Mattress Store in Downtown Sarasota

Not all mattress stores are created equal and Land of Sleep stands above the competition in Sarasota. They provide excellent customer service, extensive knowledge about mattresses and bed frames. Most importantly, they provide free services without any gimmicks. When you want expert advice about the right mattress and frame for you, you can trust Land of Sleep.

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Tradition of Outstanding Service

Land of Sleep is a family-owned mattress store that's been in operation since 1974 and has won the Herald Tribune Reader's Choice for best mattress store 20 years in a row. Several members of the sale's staff have been helping customers for decades in order to guide them to the best mattress to fit their needs. At Land of Sleep, customers can touch, sit and lie on the mattresses and examine the frames, which is something many mattress chain stores may not allow. Our staff understands that it takes time and research to find the ideal mattress. After all, you spend a third of your life sleeping. You should never feel so rushed that you choose the wrong bed.

Free Means Free

It can be extremely frustrating when you walk into a mattress store that advertises "free delivery" only to discover that it requires a minimum purchase and/or only covers an extremely limited area. Also, "free setup" at other stores may not include free delivery and you still end up paying a fee. Land of Sleep is one of the few stores in the area that offers free mattress delivery and setup along with free removal of your old mattress. For an item in stock, Land of Sleep provides same day delivery so you can start to enjoy a good night's sleep right away on your new mattress.

Service After the Sale

If you're purchasing an adjustable bed for all the comfort, convenience and support it can offer, it may require periodic maintenance to continue performing properly. Land of Sleep can provide service for adjustable beds for the lifetime of the product whereas a chain store may only concern themselves with the initial sale and offer no such service. Land of Sleep takes care of their customers after the sale. This gesture has helped them build a positive reputation with repeat customers.

Ensure that you purchase the best mattress and frame for a great night's sleep by visiting Land of Sleep in Sarasota.

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