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When is the Right Time to Move Your Child to a Full Size Bed?

You want everything to go smoothly for your child, especially when it comes to sleep! After all, if they doesn't sleep, you don't sleep. If you think it might be time to move your child to a full size bed, you might be wondering how to know when the right time is. Use these tips to help you decide if your little one would be better off in a full size bed.

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Your Child is Too Big For Their Current Bed

If your child is too big in the cramped crib, it’s time for a full size bed. They might still fit, but if they can't roll over and get comfortable, it's time. Some children like to sleep with stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows as they age and there isn't always room for all of that in a crib!


Your Child Climbs Out of Their Crib

If your child starts climbing out of their crib, it might be a good time to switch to a full size bed. You want your child to stay safe and the crib is no longer doing that job. It's simply safer to move him to a bigger bed that is closer to the ground.


A New Baby is On the Way

If you discover you are expecting another child and you want to use the crib for the new baby, it might be time to move the older child to a full size bed. It is best to do this in advance so that they don't feel displaced when the new baby arrives. Give your child several months to adjust to the new bed before the baby arrives and takes the crib.


When The Time Comes, Talk About the Changes

When you decide the time is right, talk with your child and get them excited to have a “big kid” bed. Tell them what will happen, where the bed will go, and how it will be an exciting new change. Read books about the transition to make it as easy as possible on everyone.

Moving your child to a full size bed is a process, but if you do it at the right time, it can mean continued restful sleep for everyone involved.


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