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When is the Right Time to Move Your Child to a Full Size Bed?

You want everything to go smoothly for your child, especially when it comes to sleep! After all, if they don't sleep, you don't sleep. If you think it might be time to move your child to a full-size bed, you might be wondering how to know when the right time is. Use these tips to help you decide if your little one would be better off in a full-size bed.

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Signs That Your Child is Ready to Make the Transition

Your Toddler Climbs Out of Their Crib

Let your child switch to a full-size bed when you notice they are climbing out of their crib. When such happens, it means the crib is no longer keeping your child safe, and it would be better to move them to a full-size bed near the floor.

Your Child Has Outgrown the Crib

Consider a full-size bed if your child has overgrown the cramped crib. Your toddler might still fit on the current mattress, but cannot roll over and get comfortable.

You Expect a New Baby

If you are expecting another little angel and want to use the crib, it might be an ideal time to move the older child or a 'grown-up bed.' Making the transition in advance helps avoid making your older child feel displaced when the newborn arrives. It also allows time for adjustment.

How to Make the Switch From the Crib to Full-Size Bed

Choose the Right Bed

A bed low to the ground would be preferable to prevent injuries, especially if your child is an active sleeper. You may put a crib mattress on the floor to aid in the transition, buy a toddler bed, or use convertible cribs that are good for various seasons.

Maintain the Norms

Ensure everything in your toddler's life remain consistent, including the time they go to bed. Further, let them maintain bedtime rituals, e.g., taking a bath and having story story time

Encourage Bed Nap Times

If your child takes naps before bedtime, have them do it on their new bed. It helps your toddler understand that this is where they sleep. Further, you won't struggle to get them back into their new bed at bedtime.

Give the Child Freedom to Choose

Allowing them to pick their favorite stuffed animals and plushies to hang around will help make their bed feel more welcoming.

Make It Fun

Tell your kid the fun of moving to a 'grown-up bed.' Besides, ensure you involve them when purchasing the full-size bed and picking out the bedding to make them feel like they have a say on the whole move.toddler and mother buying new bed

Don't Be in a Hurry

Bedtime may become a struggle for a while, but that should not surprise you. Be ready for a 2-3 week transitional process.

What if the Transition Is Too Soon?

Some parents may realize that they did the transition too fast and may be torn between bringing back the crib or persisting. Typically, your next move will depend on whether your toddler is just resisting initially or indeed regressing. Your child may wake up in the middle of the night to check on you or ask for water a couple of times.

In such a case, guide them back with some pomp and move on with the transition, but if you realize that your little one is struggling to fall asleep or bedtime has turned into a full tantrum, you may reintroduce the crib. 

Transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed is a process, but doing it at the right time can mean restful sleep for everyone involved. When you decide it is the right time, talk to your little one, get them excited to have a full-size bed, and keep them involved. Further, read resources about the transition to make it easy for everyone.

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