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What Makes Stearns and Foster a Luxury Mattress?

If you are shopping for a luxury mattress, Stearns and Foster provides several models that may suit your needs. Established in 1846, the luxury mattress brand continues to produce the highest quality luxurious mattresses. Each Stearns and Foster mattress is handcrafted by highly qualified professionals in exceptional luxury cells where no other models can be made.


So What Makes Stearns and Foster Mattresses a Luxury?

Perhaps what most sets Stearns and Foster Mattresses from the rest is the design, composition and aesthetics of each mattress model. 

S&F Mattresses generally have thick and high profiles, which improves the product's height and support capacity. Each mattress is handcrafted and made with velvet accents and a luxury memory firm to give it an aesthetically luxurious appeal.

Furthermore, each S&F model provides various options to customize and improve comfort. This includes adding a pillow top or mattress topper for extra cushioning and maximum comfort.

S&F luxurious models such as the Lux Estate and Lux Hybrid collection are made with premium gel memory foam and patented with coil layer and top quality edge support. 

The design, composition and quality of each S&F mattress are meant to accommodate anybody type, providing relief from stress, pressure, and back and neck pains. In summary, Stearns and Foster mattress offers: 

Genuine craftsmanship: Every Stearns and Foster mattress is handmade by qualified professionals craftsmen.

Maximum comfort: Each S&F mattress is built to give you the best indulgent comfort possible.

Top-quality: Each S&F mattress is designed with superior quality materials and the highest production standards.

Legacy of Innovation: Stearns and Foster incorporate innovative technologies with its rich legacy to deliver unique products synonymous with its brand trademarks and hallmarks, which are quality, luxury, craftsmanship and comfort.

What Is The Difference Between Luxury and Standard Mattress?

Luxury mattresses are made with the best quality materials, technology and precision. They offer more than a comfortable night's sleep and provide several health benefits, especially to those with chronic pain. 

Standard mattresses may be made of average materials but have limited benefits and durability compared to luxury mattresses. While most mattress brands produce both luxury and Standard mattresses, Stearns and Foster mainly produce luxury models. 

These models include Stearns and Foster Estate Collection, Lux Estate collection, Lux Estate Hybrid collection and Reserve collection. The following are some of the components of each of these models:

PremaCool Performance: Made of soft, stretch-knit and relaxing fiber.

PrimaSense gel foam: Provides more flexible sleeping options and cradles the body for more comfort.

PillowTop support layer: Provide long-lasting comfort and durability.

PrecisionEdge system: Exceptional support and better sleeping experience.

Air Vents: Improved airflow and better breathability.

Stearns and Foster is an industry leader in luxury mattresses with a long history of top-quality products and is just one of many incredible mattress brands on offer at our two Land of Sleep locations in Southwest Florida.

Try these great mattresses for yourself and change the way you sleep. Visit us today.

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