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Preparing for Drift Off: Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

You know the feeling. You've had a long day waiting for your flight, ensuring you've got everything you need for a relaxing vacation. You board the plane, find your seat, buckle yourself in. Then just as you're getting ready for the long-haul, your head droops to the side and you realize you need to sleep...on a plane.

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At first glance, this seems like an awkward situation fraught with uncomfortable neck positions and restless sleep. But with clever foresight and a bit of prep work, you can save your dream flight from turning into an absolute flight-mare.

The Basics of Airplane Sleeping

Once you know you'll have to sleep on a plane, your primary concern will be getting comfortable. And in most cases, that means tossing and turning in your chair until you find the right position. But that's not the only thing you'll have to contend with. 

According to  Travel and Leisure, there are three factors to be aware of when sleeping on a plane -- light, noise, and temperature. As you address these factors, keep in mind where you're going, where you're sitting, and what you're bringing with you.

What to Bring To Help You Fall Asleep In Flight

The first factor, light, can make falling asleep on a plane difficult, especially if you're sitting near a window seat. The blinding light outside, coupled with the time change, can throw off your internal clock. To remedy this, you can always pull down the window shade, but there may be other passengers who prefer the light on.

In this case, make sure you bring a sleep mask. They're light, comfortable, and come in handy in a pinch. Once placed over your eyes, it will filter out any light that would disturb your sleep, making it easier to lie back and relax.

Noise, whether from passengers' conversations or a movie playing in the background, can easily be prevented with earplugs or even noise-canceling headphones. Bring a pair wherever you go and your flight will be as quiet as your bedroom back home (maybe quieter if you didn't bring the kids!)

Lastly, temperature requires a knowledge of your own body as well as your destination. Bringing appropriate clothing for your trip is one thing, but you also want to make sure you're comfortable on the plane as well. A light jacket is a necessity for those who are prone to chills. Should you get warm, you can always take it off and use it as a pillow.

The Most Comfortable Sleeping Positions on Airplanes

Everybody has their favorite sleep position. But, on a plane, you'll have to find a unique way to adapt to your new 'bed.' Getting to know what kind of seat you have, as well as what benefits it offers (such as how it reclines), will help you transition more smoothly.

If you're in economy class, then your seat may not possess these luxuries. That doesn't mean you're guaranteed a poor night of sleep!  For good neck support, USA Today recommends getting a neck pillow. If your back is the culprit, investing in a lumbar support pillow is the go-to choice. Just a few simple tweaks like these can lessen not only your anxiety but any unnecessary joint pain too.

Sleeping on a plane doesn't have to be a cause for alarm. As long as you're aware of how you sleep and how a plane might alter your sleep habits, you'll be able to have the peace of mind you need to rest soundly.

If you're anything like us, there's nothing better than curling up in your own bed for a great night's sleep after a long flight. Come and try them out, pick out your favorite and sleep on your new mattress tonight. Visit us at one of our Sarasota or Venice locations today!

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