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How to Design Your Bedroom for Sleep in Sarasota

You've moved to Florida with the expectations that now your life can be more relaxing, and you can go at a slower pace. Maybe you've lived here all your life and just need to make some changes to make your bedroom more of an oasis at the end of your day. However between rainy seasons, heat levels, and longer hours of daylight you haven't quite accomplished your goal. You can turn up your relaxation simply by redesigning your bedroom for sleep in Sarasota (and surrounding areas). Here are some steps to take.

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Invest in a good mattress

No amount of design will help you rest if you have an uncomfortable mattress. Maybe when you originally purchased it the comfort level was perfect. Over time, our bodies change and we need to change our mattress to something that fits our needs more. At Land of Sleep, we can help you take the first step toward better rest.

Your body needs darkness for sleep

Between the longer hours of daylight and the technology we enjoy in our homes, sometimes natural and artificial light combine to disrupt our sleep. Adding room darkening curtains or shades will make a huge difference. Next, check for artificial light sources which emit blue light, i.e. television, clocks, cell phones, computers. Blue light not only disrupts your sleep, it can cause serious long-term damage to your eyes. Here are some suggestions for eliminating blue light:

  • Put your cell phone in a bedside drawer.
  • Place your television and computer in an armoire; close it before sleep.
  • Close your laptop and put it with the cell phone.
  • Turn off your gaming system and stow it away.

The darker you can make your bedroom, the more peaceful your sleep should be.

Adjust your air temperature

It's totally understandable to raise your thermostat to fight energy costs and try to live a greener lifestyle. Bedtime is not the time to suffer. The heat of Sarasota is both a blessing and a curse which must be dealt with head-on. Your body cannot rest if you are too hot or cold. Adjust your air temperature before going to bed for a peaceful night's sleep.

Psychological effects of soothing colors and sounds

Southern Florida is alive with color and sound outside. Rest easier by muting both in your bedroom. Muted blues, greens, pastels or neutral colors are best for calming your nerves. Add in soothing sound with a small water fountain.

Declutter and get organized

Your brain has a hard time relaxing in a cluttered, disorganized space. Here are some ideas to put in play for better sleep:

  • Clean everything off your bedside table and start fresh. Only 4 things should go back on it: a plant or vase of fresh cut flowers, a soothing drink or glass of water, a book, and a scented candle.
  • Choose a nightstand with closed storage. Use the drawers to put away anything else you need to have close on hand, i.e. cell phone, tablet, journal, pen, lip balm, reading glasses, etc.
  • Make comfort a priority with soft sheets, try linen for summer to keep cool or flannel for winter to hold heat. Be sure to feel the sheets before you buy them.

By combining any or all of these tips, you can have restful sleep in Sarasota. Add in bedtime habits such as a cup of herbal tea, soothing bath with lavender scent added, or listening to a relaxing playlist to prepare your brain for sleep.

When you are ready to begin with purchasing a new mattress, come by one of our locations in Sarasota or Venice. We look forward to helping you on your way to a more relaxing lifestyle.


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