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Fluctuating Sleeping Patterns Due to Age

As a person grows older, sleep patterns will change. The changes in sleep patterns can be related to many different factors such as physical ailments, stressors, medication and even the environment. However, a good night’s sleep is a necessity for overall health.

Changes in sleep patterns may be the result of getting up or just waking up more frequently in the night. A person may fall asleep earlier as a way to try to get more rest. However, waking up several times in the night may not provide the regular recommended eight hours of sleep. There is also the chance that a person’s sleep is being disrupted due to frequent trips to the bathroom.

Another reason for disrupted sleeping patterns is medical issues. If a person is in pain, sleep can be disrupted. As we age, more medication may be needed for physical ailments or other types of medical illnesses. Medications can cause sleep disruptions as well.

Finally, the environment may also be a factor in disrupted sleeping patterns as we grow older. The bedroom should be the only place for sleeping. By sleeping only in the bedroom, a person can have a regular routine, which helps in setting the internal clock. Try to keep the bedroom cool and dark as a way to help fall asleep and stay asleep.

By recognizing why changes occur in sleeping patterns, a person can try to improve routines and the environment as a way to get a restful night’s sleep. The quality of the mattress should also be taken into account for getting a good night sleep. A mattress that did a person well in college may not have the same type of affect as he grows older. By investing in a good quality mattress from Land of Sleep, there will be fewer chances for interrupted sleep.

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