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6 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Environment

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Sep 25, 2017 11:07:25 AM

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improve your sleep environment
Sleep is essential for our overall health and functioning. Experts say that we need 7-8 peaceful hours of it in order for our bodies to restore and get us ready for a new day. But what happens when we struggle to sleep? 

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Here are 6 ways that we can improve our sleep environment:

1. Buy The Right Kind Of Bed

The type of mattress that we sleep on is a huge factor of how well we sleep at night. With so many different types, it is a good idea to go right into a store and test them out for yourself. While there, find a pillow that works for you.

2. Remove Light

Your body uses light to figure out the time of day. Darkness causes your body to release a hormone called melatonin. When melatonin is suppressed, your body struggles to relax and enter dreamland. Light is what surpasses the melatonin. Look at what is around you, are there bright street lights? Light-blocking curtains are your best alternative for a darker room and more peaceful night of sleep.

3. Noise

Not everyone is the same when it comes to noise. Some can sleep great and some cannot. White noise is usually the common noise that people find most relaxing (e.g. a fan, sounds of the rainforest). By having white noise on in your bedroom, your brain can focus on that instead of the noisy neighbors or heavy traffic.

4. Remove Technology

Technology, when in the wrong place, can be very distractive. By removing it out of your bedroom, your brain only associates your room with rest and sleeping. The benefit of removing technology is actually two-fold: by removing the distraction, any unnecessary light is gone too.

5. Use Your Bedroom Only For Sleep

Removing technology is the first step, but removing anything stressful (e.g. work stuff) should be the next step. Try to not work where you sleep. Your body desires rest, and piles of paper and looming deadlines will not do that for you.

6. Create An Overall Comfortable Atmosphere

Whatever your ideal room for rest and sleep is, create that. Whether it be buying soft lit lamps, fluffy pillows, and warm blankets, your room should be heaven to your body. Remember to keep the temperature to what suits you best, remove unnecessary clutter and keep distractions to a minimum.

Guide to a Better Nights Sleep

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