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5 Reasons You Sleep Better in a Hotel

Everyone loves a good night's sleep. A good number of people say that they get their best sleep when away from home. If you travel from time to time, you may be wondering 'why do I sleep better in new places?

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Research shows that about 75 percent of people feel more refreshed waking up in a hotel than at home. However, with the different types of accommodation available, you will want to know what sets hotels apart. Here are a few reasons you sleep better in a hotel. 

1. High-Quality Mattress 

A good mattress is crucial to achieving good sleep. A high-quality mattress offers the perfect balance of comfort and support, enabling you to sleep better at night.

The best hotels invest in top-quality mattresses to ensure you have a great guest experience. In addition to the mattresses featuring luxury designs, some hotels use mattress toppers to provide extra levels of comfort. This goes a long way in impacting the quality of your rest. 

2. Quality And Clean Bedding 

In addition to mattresses, hotels use quality bedding. Hotels pay special attention to the duvets, sheets, pillows, and accessories they place in their rooms. The premium products are designed to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable when you climb into the bedding so you can enjoy the best quality slumber. 

Clean, crisp bedding not only feels good but can also improve your sleep. The best hotels have stringent cleaning policies that ensure bedding is washed and replaced regularly. 

3. The Perfect Environment For Sleep

Hotels pay attention to detail and go to great lengths when preparing their rooms. The best facilities invest in air conditioning equipment, blackout curtains or blinds, and dimmable lights. Some rooms are also soundproofed to keep out noises that could interfere with your sleep. 

So why do I sleep better in a hotel? Hotel rooms are perfectly crafted to ensure the environment is optimized for sleep. This helps you to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. 

4. More Choices For A Personalized Experience 

Sleep needs vary from person to person. As such, a sleep environment that is perfect for one guest may not work for another. Fortunately, hotels provide you with a wide range of choices, something that allows you to create a personalized experience. 

With hotels, you have the flexibility to choose the room and accessories you desire every night. You can also adjust the temperature and lighting to achieve a better sleep experience. 

5. No Worries 

Having a relaxed mind when going to bed contributes to better sleep. A hotel is a perfect escape from stressful daily routines and the usual distractions. When you go to a hotel, you do not have to worry about everyday tasks such as cooking, doing the dishes, making your bed, and cleaning. These tasks are catered for, leaving you with ample time to relax.

Hotel rooms are clean and clutter-free. This creates a calm and relaxing environment that in turn calms your mind and helps you get a better night's sleep.

Tips To Sleep Well In A Hotel 

Hotel rooms are designed to make you feel as comfortable and rested as possible. However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you get even better sleep in a hotel. Below are some tips to sleep well in a hotel:

  •   Drink plenty of water
  •   Have a warm bath 
  •   Maintain your regular routine
  •   Avoid alcohol and heavy meals that will lessen sleep quality 
  •   Avoid electronic screens a few hours before bed

Why do I sleep better in new places? If you often ask yourself this question, you will be happy to know that you can have this comfort in your home. One of the biggest ways you may sleep better at home is with a new mattress. Here at Land of Sleep, we provide you with quality mattresses in Sarasota and Venice. Come to either of our locations to find the best mattress for you. 

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