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3 Major Benefits of Body Pillows

Do you ever feel restless and don't know why? The National Sleep Foundation found that Americans experience sleepiness three days a week. That's three days of headaches, grogginess, body aches, and overall listlessness.

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It's easy to attribute tiredness to a long, exhausting day of work. However, as is often the case, it's due to a lack of sleep. There are countless articles that discuss how one can achieve better rest. Taking naps and limiting screen time are just a few common suggestions, but what if improving your sleep health boiled down to the use of a pillow

And we don't mean the one for your head!

Body pillows are just that -- pillows that you hold close to your body with your arms and legs. While their shape and filling may vary, they are a comfortable necessity for many poor sleepers. At first, including a body pillow in your nightly routine might feel awkward, but the numerous benefits of owning a body pillow will make you reconsider.

1. Spine and Hip Alignment

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck? Or a sore lower back? Most likely, these issues are caused from improper sleep positions during the night. People have a tendency to sleep on their side rather than their back while in bed. When they do, their hips and legs shift into uncomfortable angles that can damage their joints.  

Only professionals can contort their bodies without unnecessary pain. If you find yourself twisting and scrunching your body just to get comfortable, then you may be in need of a body pillow.

Tucking one of these between your arms at night prevents you from the kind of tossing and turning that can throw your whole body out of alignment. You won't be able to fall into old habits if there's a huge pillow blocking your way. Not only that, body pillows provide stability and support for your entire frame. Your sleep posture will improve just by keeping one close by. In no time, you'll find you're no longer waking up with aches and pains because you'll finally be sleeping the way your body was designed to.

2. Comfort During Pregnancy

It's often very difficult for pregnant women to get comfortable during the night. They're afraid to move in case they harm their growing child so they're forced to position themselves in ways that aren't natural to them.  This leads to back and neck problems that can be torture for anybody, let alone a woman that has to carry a baby bump around wherever she goes.

U-shaped pillows are particularly helpful in these situations because they have two sides that stop expectant mothers from rolling onto their side. C-shaped pillows and J-shaped pillows are also good alternatives. Investing in a body pillow can mean the difference between a night of anxious turning or a peaceful slumber that won't disturb the child (or the adult.)

3. Customization

Variety is the spice of life, but in your pillow, it can also sweeten your restless night. In addition to their shape, body pillows can be filled with different materials that can improve the quality of your sleep.

Looking for a really soft pillow that transports you into dreamland? Try one with down. Duck or geese feathers add warmth and comfort to your pillow that can make you feel like you're sleeping beside a cloud. For those with allergies, down alternatives made from polyester are also available.

If you're desiring a cool night's rest, memory foam may be the way to go. The foam conforms to your shape, giving you a pillow that feels like it was tailor-made for your body.

Meanwhile, eco-friendly sleepers should swing for a latex body pillow. Not only are they made from sustainable resources, they also tend to last longer than memory foam.

Body pillows are just one factor that impacts your quality of sleep, the biggest factor is the mattress you lay on every night. To find that perfect mattress, visit one of our locations in Sarasota and Venice to try them for yourself.

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