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15 Reasons Why It's Time for a New Mattress

Sleeping on a poor mattress can jeopardize the amount of healthy sleep you get per night. This is why it is vital to know when it’s time to replace your mattress. Here are a few ways to know when it’s time to upgrade.
1- Dust mites can causes respiratory distress, allergy flare-ups and worst of all they feast on dead skin cells, pet dander, fungi and bacteria, which also become trapped within old mattresses.

2- Stains on mattresses usually come from bodily fluids. Most of the time, stains are difficult to remove, even with cleaners. As time goes on, the stains sink deeper into the mattresses causing bacteria, fungus and odors to grow.

3- Loss of support occurs when the materials in the bed no longer form to the body. This creates joint and back pains.

4- Mold can collect in mattresses if homes are damp. If this occurs, mold is given the opportunity to grow within the beds causing future health problems.

5- Bed bugs and fleas are making a come back and love old mattresses. If your bed becomes infested with these pests, the most sanitary option is replacement.

6- Bed odors come from pets, sweaty bodies, food spills, smoking and a variety of other contaminants such as a musty home. The odors only get stronger as the bed ages.

7- Over the years, mattresses can begin to sag due to a person sleeping in the same spot repeatedly. The only way to fix this problem is to purchase a new bed.

8- Allergens collect in mattresses over the years. This can causes severe allergic reactions.

9- As dust, dirt, mites, bodily fluids, bacteria, mold and pollens collect in the bed the mattress, it becomes much heavier.

10- The older the mattress is, the more coils felt during sleep.

11- Chronic pains and illness can develop from sleeping on an old bed that is filled with bacteria.

12- Fibers ware down on mattresses becoming rough. Rough fibers can rub the skin wrong, causing irritation.

13- Air pollution can cause discoloration, aging your mattress.

14- Fungus from fungal infections can become trapped and cause future infections if the old bed is not replaced.

15- Old mattresses begin to tear causing the coils and frame of the mattress to be exposed. When this occurs, damage to the body can happen.

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