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Find the Perfect Adjustable Bed in Sarasota, FL

Searching for a new bed that can help you get the most from your restful and relaxing hours?  An adjustable bed might be just what you're looking for!  Keep in mind that no two designs are created equally, and adjustable beds offer ample amounts of options, depending on your needs.

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Follow this checklist to help you understand which bed might be the best fit for your optimal sleeping experience:

  • Comfort.  When you're searching for a new bed, are you looking for a tranquil experience that will allow you to relax, rejuvenate, and get away from the daily stresses of life?  Or are you seeking a place where you can comfortably read or watch TV as you drift off for the night?  The firmness of your mattress and the incline of your bed can make a big difference, depending on your ultimate needs.

  • Needs.  As you're speaking to your sales representative, make sure you inform him or her of your individual needs.  Do you have insomnia or suffer from poor circulation?  The purchase of your new bed should be made based on your exact needs.  Whether you have medical needs or you're just searching for the ultimate comfort, make sure you convey your needs to your sales professional as you're looking around.  This may help you discover options that you didn't even know existed before!

  • Mattresses.  Many people think that adjustable beds have a one-size-fits-all mattress option.  That's simply not true!  You have plenty of mattress options available for these specialized beds, and you'll want to make sure you try several before you make your purchase.  

  • Air Chamber mattresses can be an excellent option for beds because they're light and flexible.  Don't be fooled by the idea of the old air mattresses; these days, air chamber mattresses are comfortable and able to conform to your own needs.  Serta and Sleep Number are just two of the big names that offer fantastic air chamber mattress options.

  • Memory Foam started with NASA and has since found its way into bedrooms across the world.  Tempurpedic is one brand known for making amazing memory foam mattresses that aid in a great night's sleep.

  • Innerspring mattresses incorporate traditional coils, but they elevate them to a whole new level that provides quality comfort.

If you would like to learn more about how adjustable beds can improve your sleeping situation, visit our Land of Sleep blog!


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